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Our team of privacy advisors get started right away. With a blend of automation and humans, we find the personally identifiable information that exists online.

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Kim E.

I like the peace of mind and privacy they have given me. They enable me to feel safer by removing my personal information that would otherwise be everywhere. I cant say enough about this company. Thanks so much for providing this service.


DeleteMe for Business Client

“I help support a team of reporters who would often come to me right before releasing a sensitive story and ask how they could protect their personal data. I would help them search a few broker sites that I was aware of, and manually submit take down requests. But it never felt like adequate support, and it usually felt like we were taking action too late. And then I was introduced to DeleteMe, and I realized THIS was the way to protect my reporters (and myself!) on a regular basis, in a way that I would never be able to do on my own.”


With more than 25 Million personal listings removed since 2011, DeleteMe is the most trusted and proven privacy solution available. With just a few clicks, DeleteMe wipes the internet of all private and misleading information about or related to an individual that has been made publicly available on top search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Why Choose DeleteMe For Your Organization?

We do the heavy lifting

We'll have someone contact you however you prefer right away.

Protect Your Organization

Our privacy experts stay on top of removal of private information, so you and your team can focused.

Knowing harassers can't access your private information provides peace of mind to those who may fear for themselves or their families.

DeleteMe has been around since 2009, completing well over 25 million removals of private information and never selling yours.

Give psychological well-being

Know you can trust us

Threats to journalists and investigative reporters are on the rise. Covering the most critical stories of our time -- COVID-19, #MeToo, Protests & Riots -- come with undeniable risks, but ongoing personal safety should never be one of them. Doxxing & online harassment that result from uncovering personal information -- home addresses, phone numbers, e-mail, salary information and other private details -- and publicly sharing it, can ruin lives. Historically, the media has been a prime target of these malicious practices. Protect at-risk journalists reporting critical, polarizing stories. DeleteMe will remove private, personal information from the internet ensuring a level of protection long after the reporting ends.

DeleteMe helps top media organizations protect journalists

Are you concerned about the repercussions of online threats or doxxing?

Guaranteed Removals

The DeleteMe platform removes information from the top data broker sites and keeps it off year round. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.


With direct-to-inbox privacy reports and a dashboard with up-to-date information, you're always in the know of how your information is handled. We call it standard, but you can call it privacy insurance.

Outstanding Support

Call, Chat or Email - our team has the experience, knowledge and practical skills to find and remove your personal info from brokers and listing sites. We are on call to ensure optimal customer support and service. Every company gets a personal advisor, large or small.


With the takedown of your personal data complete, we report it back to you so you understand the process. If you're the admin for your company, you get an aggregated overview of what we did. Every member gets access to a personal dashboard.

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DeleteMe helps top media organizations protect journalists

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